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If you are considering doing business with Phil Stettler and Wes Ripley of Professional’s Choice Salon Products, we can highly recommend them and their products.  They are the family behind the business and we find them to be easy to work with, great ethics and the heaters are top notch!

Please call or text me if you have any questions that I can answer personally regarding their heaters.



Dan Hearn

Salon Wax Beauty Supply


(907)301-6617 (cell)

“My business is waxing and training other beauty professionals in the art of waxing.  I bought my first Professional’s Choice warmer 6 years ago and it's still going strong.  Professional’s Choice is my #1 choice when it comes to wax warmers.  Not only do I use it my own treatment room, I retail it to my professionals as well.  


The things I like best about Professional’s Choice warmers:

1. They keep a consistent temperature so you never have to worry about the wax being too hot, no matter how low the wax gets in the pot.

2. They are hand made in the U.S.

3. The are a family owned business.

4. They have excellent customer service.


I will never use anything but a Professional’s Choice warmer in my business. “



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